Austin Tai Chi Classes


Crenshaw's Athletic Center

Crenshaw’s Athletic Center


Classes at Crenshaw’s Athletic Center

5000 Fairview Drive   Austin, TX 78731



Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am. The Super Seniors class will focus on the many documented health benefits of Tai Chi. We will focus on balance, flexibility, and re-hab as well as fitness and concentration. This class will move at a pace appropriate for those with movement challenges or age-related illness, but it is also intended to challenge those attending to grow forward with Tai Chi as a base. 

Saturday at 10:00 a.m.  This class will be taught at the skill and fitness level of those attending using Yang Tai Chi as a base.  Over time we will cover all the primary Yang open hand forms.  This class would be a great introduction to anyone wishing to learn and establish a base in Tai Chi.  Special emphasis will be placed on the long term fundamentals that the student can use to deepen their practice over time.  That said this class will be very useful for Seniors and those wanting to use Tai Chi for rehab or as a health and wellness practice.

 Monday and Wednesday evenings at Crenshaw’s:  This class starts at 6:00 p.m. and is timed to coincide with Crenshaw’s evening gymnastics for children classes.  It is a great time and opportunity for parents to stop by and learn something about Tai Chi while waiting for their children.  Of course, others are also very welcome.  The focus of the class will be health and wellness.  I will be teaching the Yang 10 and the Yang 24 along with various Chi Gung (breathwork) and ancillary skills.  


Additional classes, seminars and venues:

Center for Music Therapy:  These classes are on on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 a.m.  There are also classes on Wednesday at noon and on Friday at 1 p.m.. The Center for Music Therapy is at 2700 West Anderson Lane, Suite 119, Austin, TX 78757.  These classes are for people who have Parkinson’s as well as other neurological or mobility related problems.  This is a membership only venue, but if you have Parkinson’s or other challenges membership are available and extremely inexpensive.  There are also a few scholarships available for those with financial challenges.  Please visit their site for additional information on my classes and their large assortment of other types of classes:

Westwood Country Club:  (this is a members only venue) Monday and  Friday at 8 a.m. -  This will be a different kind if class.  It will be a martial arts boot camp based on my 26 years involvement in martial arts.  It will be intense and blend fitness work with effective martial arts practice. 

 The Essentials of Self Defense  - My Self Defense Seminars entitled: The Essentials of Self Defense have been wonderfully well received this summer and early fall.    In the early summer I gave a Self Defense Seminar for the Center for Music Therapy and in August I gave a seminar for Westwood Country club.  I have also given a 3 private/family Self Defense Seminars in the last two months.    The Essentials of Self Defense Seminar is a distillation of my 26 years of involvement in the Martial Arts (April 27th 2012 was my 26th anniversary).

If you have questions or comments regarding any of my classes or events please call me at 512 590 3668, email me at or just leave your message in the comment section below.  I will get that in my email almost immediately.


6 Responses to Austin Tai Chi Classes

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m interested in getting involved. I would be new to the sport but was a gymnast growing up and would be interested in Tai Chi for the flexibility and strength training like gymnastics offers.

    Please let me know what the changes to the location and schedule may look like so I can decide which direction I’m interested in going.

    Make a great day,

  2. Kathy Sederholm says:

    Please let me know where and when your afternoon/evening classes are held. Thanks!
    (Kathy Sederholm, Highland Park Elementary)

  3. Looking forward to taking some classes when my schedule allows and I am happy to have these classes to refer my clients to.
    Thank You

  4. Mary Jo Hernandez says:

    Working with Wayne has been a gift to me. I have been taking classes with Wayne, group and private, since the spring of 2012. I love Tai Chi and even though I do not practice as much as I might, every time I do, my mood and general outlook on life brighten, not to mention improvement in my strength- even my core musculature ,balance, focus and coordination. Wayne seems to be able to meet me wherever I am and work with me in a balanced and positive direction so that I feel that I can take the next step. That is quite an accomplishment, as I often do not know myself what I need!
    Thank you, Wayne, for always being there for me.

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