Seminars, Workshops, Charity Benefits

If you are interested in one of my seminars as a benefit to earn funds for your favorite charity please contact me for scheduling. 

Seminars and Presentations:

1. A Taste of Tai Chi - This workshop is 1 to 3 hours in length and offers the participants an introduction to Tai Chi as an Art and as a personal discipline for health and wellness.  Recently a Taste of Tai Chi workshop raised over $500 in a single evening for a well known Austin charity.

2. The Essentials of  (ethical) Self Defense - This highly popular workshop is a distillation of the self defense knowledge that I have gathered in my 26 year journey in the Martial Arts.  It presents an approach that is both ethical and pragmatic.  In it the students are introduced to the 5 ethical levels and  the 5 lifesaving principles of self defense plus as much technical work and practice as time allows.  This seminar deserves at least 3 hours, but can be taught as a summary in a shorter time frame.

3. Focus Management – The Lion in the Underbrush Seminar Series -  These are action based seminars not just the same old positive thinking stuff.   Learn to beat stress, get productive and have fun at the same time.

Focus Management for Individuals - Get focused, stay focused and move forward.  Includes everything from managing your physical energy flow to getting your action plan right.

Focus Management for Business -

On Mission – Living and Working your Mission in Challenging Times - A practical and philosophic introduction to discovering your Mission and creating it as the guide to living and working is this challenging era. From Mission to Action Plan:  Discovering personal and professional missions, creating Mission statements and going from there to a workable action plan moving forward.

Four Missions, One Business - An introduction to the challenge every business owner faces.  Even if you have a firm grasp of your Mission there are at least 3 other Missions that are never talked about that intimately affect your business.



Past Seminars and Workshops:

August 2012 – On the 3rd weekend of August I presented the 3 hours version of the Essentials of Self Defense to a local executive in his home.  His two older teen children and the executive himself were the students.  The perspectives were quite different.  The young woman was going back for her 2nd year in college.  The young man is in his senior year in High School and applying to military college.  Combine this with a father and mother striving to provide these very different young adults with the tools necessary to survive in a life threatening scenario and it was wide ranging and intense seminar.

August 2013 – On a Saturday afternoon I presented the 3 hour version of The Essentials of Self Defense to a full class at the Westwood Country Club.  The class varied from accomplished executives, to medical doctors, to young women headed for their first year of college.  Several of the class asked about advanced training.  Plans are in motion for that at this moment.

June 2013 – One evening in June with the help of two friends, one a former SWAT team trainer and the other a black belt I presented the 3 hour version of the Essentials of Self Defense Seminar as a benefit for the Center for Music Therapy.  The participants varied dramatically in age and ability – from athletic twenty-somethings to over 70 with Parkinson’s.

August 2012  - On two afternoons in August I presented a 5 hour version of my Intense Defense Workshop at West Wood Country Club.  This was a private workshop with a father, his 19 year old daughter and two of her friends.  The 3 girls were headed off to 3 different colleges and their parents had decided they needed an introduction to the mental and physical aspects of self defense.  I was honored that they chose me.  See their comments in my references section.

June 21, 2012 Highland Park Scottie Sport Camp – An introduction to Tai Chi and the fun fitness benefits of various Martial Arts.  There were 20 athletic boys and girls present as well as Coach DeLine and Coach Purkiss of Highland Park Elementary

June 14, 2012 The Austin Exchange Club – “A Taste of Tai Chi.”  A shortened dinner version of my popular Taste of Tai Chi seminar.  Twenty some members were present.  My thanks to David Mead, one of my students and the current Exchange Club president, for his wonderful introduction.

June 7, 2012 You Go Girl! Highland Park Elementary Camp for Girls – Self-Defense Seminar.  An age appropriate introduction to the ethical levels of response in a self-defense situation.  Lots of fun and activity. There were 19 girls between the ages of 8 and 12, as well as Coach DeLine and his summer intern.

March 22, 2012.  The Settlement Home.   ”A Taste of Tai Chi”  workshop.  This was a benefit event and guests were asked for a donation of $15 a piece.  We had 31 attendees and a net of just over $500 was raised.

March 20, 2012. Boy Scout Troop 399 – Self Defense Seminar –   An introduction to self-defense and the ethical levels of response.  We had 27 Boy Scouts and 2 adults in attendance for the seminar.

November 12 2011, Alternative Seminar and Health Fair – “A Taste of Tai Chi” seminar.  The Holistic Education and Health Network in conjunction with New Covenant Fellowship of Austin Health Ministry hosted this event.

October 25, 2012. Boy Scout Troop 399 – Self Defense Seminar -   An introduction to self-defense and the ethical levels of response.  We had 31 Boy Scouts and 12 adults in attendance for the seminar.

October 2, 2011, The Highland Park Fall Fitness Festival.  2 Tai Chi demonstrations.  This festival co-founded by myself and Coach Jim Deline of Highland Park elementary pulled approximately 400 people interested in fitness and fun from the local community in its very first year.  (see the references section of this site for more information)

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