Following are thoughts from some of my students on the value they have received from working with me on Tai Chi, Chi Gung, related Arts.  Some of the references also refer to my popular ethical self defense seminar The Essentials of Self Defense.

  • To Whom It May Concern: I am writing to recommend Wayne Key and his self-defense seminar that I recently attended.  As a young female adult, I have always known that it is imperative to know how to protect myself, but never took the initiative to attend a clinic.  I am very glad I chose Mr. Key’s clinic.  It was friendly, comfortable, and very informative.  I appreciated the time Mr. Key took to explain scenarios, and also the emphasis put on removing yourself from potentially dangerous situations.  I find myself going over the actions and moves I learned, and while I hope I never have to use them, I feel more confident in my ability to use them if necessary.  I would highly recommend this clinic for anyone, young or old. Best regards,  (Emma Lake, summer 2013)
  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in your recent self defense seminar. Double thanks for helping out The Center For Music Therapy at the same time! I was impressed with the in-depth knowledge and abilities of all of your seasoned instructors,and  I am looking forward to the next seminar.
    After having taken Tai Chi lessons with you I knew I would enjoy and benefit from the  self defense class. 
    I  credit my almost one year attendance in your Tai Chi  class  as the most significant stride  I have made toward optimal health in many years. (Lora Wataha, summer 2013)
  • Upon the advice of my doctor, I began taking Tai Chi classes from Wayne Key two and a half years ago.  I have scoliosis and had rather serious balance problems.  Three falls had resulted in two fractured knee caps (same knee) and a broken front tooth.  I have seen amazing improvement in my balance and in my leg strength.  My posture has also improved.  I just completed a very active trip to New York City with my nine year old granddaughter.  We walked several miles a day, rushed onto the subway frequently, and climbed numerous flights of stairs.   I completed it all without tripping once!
    Wayne gears his instructions to the needs of his students.  He not only works on balance issues, but arthritis problems and body strengthening techniques.  In addition, he exposes his students to the beauty of the Tai Chi movements and forms.  He is kind, caring, and patient.  I recommend Wayne Key, Tai Chi Fitness & Renewal without any reservations.  (Janet Sawyer, age 81, August 2013)
  • Working with Wayne has been a gift to me. I have been taking classes with Wayne, group and private, since the spring of 2012. I love Tai Chi and even though I do not practice as much as I might, every time I do, my mood and general outlook on life brighten, not to mention improvement in my strength- even my core musculature ,balance, focus and coordination. Wayne seems to be able to meet me wherever I am and work with me in a balanced and positive direction so that I feel that I can take the next step. That is quite an accomplishment, as I often do not know myself what I need! Thank you, Wayne, for always being there for me.  Dr. M.J. H., January 2013
  • I had a frozen shoulder with minimal movement.  The therapy prescribed was extremely painful and awkward to do. So for the most part it wasn’t done (so I wasn’t making any progress).  Wayne taught me the Tia Chi 24 form.  It is fun to do, not painful in any manner and the most important thing of all it got results.  I have almost a full range movement back which was not possible before. (M.V.S., February 2013)
  • I am writing to let you know of the benefits that your Tai Chi class has given me. I was diagnosed in my early thirties with arthritis and have had to endure it for over 25 years. It was robbing me of the simple joy of movement, dance,walking with friends, my walks with my dog. Since beginning your class over 6 months ago I am seeing some relief, and learning how to reset my body’s default position to a better posture and range of movement. Your style of teaching is great. Working with us patiently, and correcting our forms,keeping us ‘mindful’ and encouraging us to improve our health,  finding your class is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.My posture is better than it has ever been before, although I have range of motion issues with some joints, overall I do see continued improvement in them and elsewhere. I also enjoy the opportunity to leave the world outside the door, and for those minutes every day concentrate on myself and the needs of my body. I am enjoying the concept of mindfulness and now often catch myself being tense, or not in an appropriate body position…then I become mindful…and correct posture, breathing, and begin again. I came for the exercise. I stayed because you are creating magic. Thank you for helping me to see that I really can do it! I can improve my body, my health, and my attitude.  (L. W. February 2013)
  • I wanted to send you a note to thank you for the great job you did teaching my daughter and her friends the principles of self defense.  You did a great job articulating the issues involved but just as importantly engaging the girls to consider the threats and come up with an active approach to deal with them. Each of them commented on how they enjoyed the sessions and how they felt better prepared for their college journey with the knowledge and skills they learned.  As one of the participants’ fathers I hope that none of them has to use the physical skills they learned and instead use their “mind” skills to be aware of their surroundings and avoid danger!
    Thanks,  Dr. D.E.  August 19, 2012
  • Our daughter G. was with A. in your recent defense class. She enjoyed it tremendously, and we all had fun watching G. challenge her brothers to try sneaking up on her! We are grateful that she has this knowledge.  Sincerely, V. & B. S.  August 19, 2012
  • I began taking Tai Chi instruction from Wayne Key a little over a year ago. I was having balance issues and had had a few really bad falls, resulting in a fractured knee cap from one and a broken front tooth from another. The class has strengthened my muscles (particularly in my ankles), helped correct some problems with my posture and my walk, and has helped me tolerate my scoliosis better. I have had no major falls since I began taking his classes; I attribute this to my greatly improved balance. Tai Chi works!  J.S. (age 78) April 11, 2012
  • Wayne has twice instructed our Scout troop in self-defense. Capturing and holding the attention of a room full of boys for over half an hour is a thing to behold. His teaching style is patient, calm, wise and measured. I found his instruction extremely valuable and plan to set up sessions for myself and my family.” Mike Coffin, Assistant Scout Master, March 30, 2012
  • “Wayne volunteered to present a self-defense demonstration to the Scouts of Troop 399 in Austin, Texas. In the short period of time that was allotted…30 minutes or so…..Wayne presented a masterful program that held the attention of kids varying in age from 11 to 17 years old. If fact, my son liked the presentation so well that he is thinking about taking karate lessons or some other form of self-defense in the near future and would insist that Wayne be his instructor. Wayne’s presentation inspired me as well and I am considering taking lessons too. Needless to say, I highly recommend Wayne. He’s  fantastic!” Joe Hoover, Scout Master, November 16, 2011
  • Wayne provided our group a valuable overview into ethical self-defense strategies that gave us useful skills. He tailored his presentation and demonstrations thoughtfully for our group, and led us through several scenarios that helped everyone better understand an appropriate sequence of alternatives for ethical self-defense. I can highly recommend Wayne and his approach for this type of training.” D. H  November 4, 2011
  •  After participating in six Tai Chi sessions, I was extremely surprised to learn that after watching two hours of an opera in a movie theatre, I was able to quickly descend the steps at intermission in a stadium seating arrangement.  Not only descend, but ascend to see the rest of the opera.  Sitting for longer periods of time usually meant stiff knees and step climbing was a hazard.  Now that I’m attending Tai Chi sessions regularly, my knees are more flexible, getting stronger and I’m able to move much more easily after periods of sitting.  Wayne even suggested a few exercises to do at home to strengthen my weaker left knee.  I am very glad I’ve found Tai Chi.  L. J.  (A 75 year old participant.)
  • My doctor almost jumped up and hugged me when I said that I was taking tai chi. He said that it was a great way to go! K W
  • Wayne,
       This email is long overdue.  It seems like only yesterday you were leading daily Tai Chi sessions for the kids at our Scottie Summer Camp, and after wards we were meeting for coffee to discuss the possibilities of hosting a Fitness Festival for our Highland Park community.
      Now that Scottie Camp and the Inaugural Highland Park Family Fitness Festival have come and gone, and both were an overwhelming success, it is time to extend credit where true credit is due.  Our community and our students benefited greatly from both experiences, and without a doubt this success was in large part due to your unselfish dedication and mastery at what you do.
          I’ve been teaching a long time, 25 years in fact, and it is a true honor to witness a true master work their craft. I am truly grateful that the kids at our Scottie Summer Camp were able to experience something I simply would never be able to provide. Your lessons were practical, captivating, and well crafted so that all learners, despite their existing ability, were successful.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important element – FUN!
        Finally, it wouldn’t be a stretch to state that the Inaugural Highland Park Fall Fitness Festival (and I might now add, Annual), would not have come to fruition without your insight, passion, and vision.  I truly appreciate how you value and constantly seek to improve the health and wellness of our community.  And that was never more evident in your  Tai Chi demonstrations during the Fitness Festival.
      But it was all your behind the scenes work that truly impressed me, i.e., the networking with local businesses, the meetings with community stake holders, the leadership amongst our core committee members.  This event is now part of HP tradition and legacy.  And we have you to thank for that.
      Wayne, I appreciate all that you do, both seen and unseen.  And I look forward to many more years.
All the best,
Jim DeLine
Teacher, Highland Park Physical Education
  • I have been taking instruction from Wayne Key in Tai Chi, three times a week, with some interruptions, for over a year and a half. When I started, I was not terribly active, with intermittent brief walks (generally less than a mile each) and even briefer swims comprising the bulk of my physical activity. Wayne started me off fairly slowly, but gave me confidence to ramp up the various regimens and routines he taught me to the point that my general muscle tone is noticeably improved, I have lost some weight and a few inches around my waist. Most importantly, the Tai Chi and related exercises have vastly improved my sense of balance and well-being. My breathing is improved (I have been a chronic asthmatic for more than seventy years), and I feel generally much fitter than I did before starting the program.  Hubert Heinen
  • Over the past 9 months, I have noticed tangible benefits from your Tai Chi Fitness program.  As a dentist, I work many hours holding my hands and arms in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time.  Your Tai Chi exercises have relieved tension in my hands, wrists, neck, and shoulders.  Especially noticeable has been the improvement in flexibility  and strength in my fingers.  I would strongly recommend your Tai Chi Fitness Program to anyone wishing to improve their balance, strength, flexibility, and movement. Donna McCoy Ruesink, DDS4505 Spicewood Springs Road, Suite 100Austin, TX 78759
  • I am fairly new to martial arts in general and Tai Chi in particular.  I cannot imagine a better teacher than Wayne Key.  He is extraordinarily well versed in many types of martial arts, including Tai Chi.  Wayne teaches with immense patience and imparts his wisdom at the rate at which our class is able to absorb it.  He never minds going back to review particular techniques, and he seems to have a long-term lesson plan mapped out to ensure that we will learn the many different aspects of Tai Chi without getting bogged down in any particular spot. I would highly recommend Wayne Key as a Tai Chi instructor. Charles A. RuesinkAttorney at Law10200 Sausalito DriveAustin, Texas  78759-6111(512) 343-1958Fax: (512)
  • Since November I have totally enjoyed the new Tai Chi class at Crenshaw’s. It complements my water aerobics and weights workouts beautifully. My balance has noticeably improved. This one of the mainproblems I had before beginning the class. I fell or stumbled to the ground ten times between Julyand October last year. The class certainly beats visiting a doctor with cuts, scrapes or broken bones.All my doctors are so happy to hear of my participation in the class. Also, I believe I have become amore “peaceful” person. Jane M.
  • I have been working with Wayne since last August. Prior to that I had torn both my shoulder muscle (learning how to swim Breast & Butterfly strokes) and a calf muscle (once playing tennis and the other onstage while performing a VBS rendition of the lame man who was healed–obviously that didn’t happen when I couldn’t get up!). Two separate doctors recommended I try tai chi to work on strengthening my foundational muscles, increasing my range of motion, and improving my posture. I’m glad to say I have been accident-free (except for falling on the Veloway while rollerblading–the only way I knew how to stop was to run into the skating rink bar). I have played volleyball and tennis with my kids, participated in a 1 1/2 hour water polo orientation class and swam the breast stroke without pain. I have also grown over a 1/2 inch since my last annual physical (well, maybe I haven’t grown but my posture has sure improved since my last check-up!). Wayne has been a knowledgeable and encouraging teacher. His passion for passing on the art of tai chi is obvious. He adjusts his classes based on who is there and really pays attention to how the participants are doing the forms. I am indebted to him for helping me learn how to relax through tai chi as well as become active again–woo hoo! — Maria Raper

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