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Tai Chi Friends,

Welcome to a very cold rainy Tai Chi Monday here in Austin!  This is Tai Chi Monday Newsletter number 10, and today is the 25th of November.  
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The highlight of my week was definitely visiting with Dr. Mara Karpel on her evening radio show “Your Golden Years.”  Those are our action pictures above.  You can see what she wrote about our conversation on her website at: http://www.drmarakarpel.com/radio-shows/  By late in the day today the radio station will have posted a recording of our entire interview on her website.  You can listen to it by just clicking the link.  
I also had the privilege of presenting my Essentials of Self Defense seminar to a small but exciting young group at the Westwood Country Club on Saturday afternoon. 
Scheduling:  Many of you are probably wondering about class scheduling with the combination of the challenging weather and the Thanksgiving Holidays.  Here is the scoop. 
Crenshaw’s   There well only be classes at Crenshaw’s Athletic Center on Monday and Tuesday morning.  I am canceling the Monday evening class due to weather, and Crenshaw’s will not be open at all from Wednesday through the following Sunday.
The Center for Music Therapy classes will continue as normally planned on Monday and on Wednesday, but there will be no classes there on Friday.  
Seminars - There are no seminars scheduled for this week.  
Tai Chi and Related Arts in the News
Tai Chi Boosts Immune System  http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/03/070323105002.htm  3/24/2007
Tai chi chih, the Westernized version of the 2,000-year-old Chinese martial art characterized by slow movement and meditation, significantly boosts the immune systems of older adults against the virus that leads to the painful, blistery rash known as shingles, according to a new UCLA study.  
The researchers add that they can not be sure that this specific reaction of an increased positive immune response will generalize and work for other kinds of diseases.  Those of us who have taught have long noted that we see a slow but general improvement in the health of those who practice.  
Tai Chi Thoughts:  
Move mindfully.  Following up on last week’s post on mindfulness came a question on the difference between most Western movement or exercise programs and that of Tai Chi.  The essence of the difference is mindfulness.  The slowness of many Tai Chi movements allows a person to focus on the movement and when one is more experienced, on the breath in the movement.  Indeed I have heard it said by a number of very senior teachers that every breath has a movement and every movement has a breath.   
There is a lot of value and knowledge the best of Western exercise.  But sadly it is often hurried, with the focus is on how much weight and how many reps.  So much can be learned from just focusing on the movement.  This focus can be fairly easy to add to a Western exercise program if you have the mindfulness mindset.  Give it a try, you will reap rewards AND stay much safer. 
1.  The Holidays are upon us with Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years seemingly just around the corner.  Give the gift of Health, Fitness and safety for the Holidays.  I will have Holiday Gift certificates (at a discounted rate) available for Tai Chi Classes, Self Defense Boot Camp classes, and Self Defense Seminars as well as Personal one-on-one Training and Wellness consulting.  
2. T-Shirts and Logo Products I have these shirts and hoodies now and will be distributing them as I see you.  If you have not yet paid, you can make the check out to me and I will pick it up when I get the shirts to you.  
3. Bring a Friend - As another way to build classes and help our friends who haven’t yet discovered the benefits of Tai Chi movement, I am extending my “first class is always free”  to the “first week is free between now and Christmas.  PLUS, bring a friend and get ONE class free.   Bring two friends (in a month) and get 3 classes free.   
4.  Fundraisers (and Fun-Raisers!!!) -  Many of you belong to organizations that need some assistance with fundraising.  I have three seminars that I give for this purpose. 
 a. The First is ” A Taste of Tai Chi.” This seminar is an informative presentation on the proven medical benefits of Tai Chi (as demonstrated by Western Medical Studies), but it  also includes a bit of fun with Tai Chi movement and  the Yang 10.  
b. The Second is:  The Essentials of Self Defense.    This seminar includes the boiled down results of my 26 years in martial arts and related activities.  This has included working with Army Rangers, Seals and SWAT team members.  
c. The Third is Focus Management: The Lion in the Underbrush. This seminar focuses on focus and how we need to actively manage our focus in this world of continual interruptions.  I address mind, body and emotional skills and control from a perspective that includes Tai Chi and modern psychology.  
Special Events:
There are no seminars or special events scheduled for this week.
Below is the normal class schedule, check the intro section at the top of this newsletter for this week’s schedule changes: 
A.M.  9:30 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
A.M.  10:00 Saturday
P.M.  6:00  Monday and Wednesday  
Center for Music Therapy:
A.M.  11:00 Monday, Wednesday, Friday   
P.M.  12 noon Wednesday
P.M.  1:00 Friday
Tai Chi South:
A.M.  11:00 Tuesday.  If you are interested in attending please give me a call.
Private Clients - I have a number of private clients.  My rates are reasonable and comparable to that of an experienced personal trainer who comes to your home.  I can help with diet, nutrition, general fitness, Tai Chi and/or personalized Self Defense training. Contact me by email or phone for more information.  
Some of the above venues are membership only venues, if you have any questions give me a call.  Also, if you would prefer not to receive these newsletters or if you know anyone who might like to be included on the list just let me know.  
Warm regards, 

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