Tai Chi in the Mists

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What you will find here is a constantly growing resource on the benefits of Tai Chi practice.

At first we will be focusing on the benefits reported in medical studies and by experienced Western medical practitioners.  Later we will be begin to focus more on the benefits reported by experienced practitioners and known teachers of the Art.

Some of the benefits of Tai Chi that have been reported in medical studies and that we have written about on this site are:

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Topics that we will be addressing in the next few weeks include:

If you are a medical professional or a writer with an interest in Tai Chi fitness and wellness please let me know. We are always looking for articles and interviews to expand the value of our site to our visitors.

If you have questions or suggestions, I can be reached at Wayne@TaiChiFitness.info

Thanks for being here! Come back and learn more and more about Tai Chi and its benefits.

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